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IMG_4127I don’t know about you but I pin a million things on pinterest, often to never glance at them again.  I  have whole boards full of amazing ideas, or what seem to be amazing ideas.  

One would have to presumably try them to see if they are or are not.  Sometimes the ideas are clearly insane, like the time Brooke ironed her dining room table to get out water spots.  **spolier alert- it doesn’t work!

This time however I pinned a winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Introducing the homework cart- solving the Kelly family fear of clutter since 2015.

My friends this genius contraption holds homework, notebooks, flashcards, pens, pencils, and markers- all the items needed to complete a weekly round of 1st grade rainbow words and more!

It is a simple Ikea purchase with a few extras like notecard and pen holders.

Eloise loves having her homework tools all in one place.

Our biggest challenge is the cart tries to move over to the dining table sometimes during dinner, for a little extra drawing time.  It is hard to resist all those colorful markers!


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