OMG is right.  Leon killed it on the C3PO costume.  This is more that spray paint and glitter my friends.  

This is Lucas Arts quality.

Once Milo decided he wanted to be C3PO and we decided we weren’t going to let him go in the pre-packaged disco costume available, the excitement began.

I found a couple other C3POs that parents had put together online, and from that moment on Leon was fully engaged in building the best droid possible.

It started with paper templates.


Next, he created a diamond mesh vest that he covered with duct tape.  This allowed the chest piece to hold its shape.  He took plastic signage boards and with brads adhered them to the diamond mesh vest.


The details on the chest are odds and ends and a Tupperware lid.


The costume is held together with tabs and industrial strength velcro.


C3PO’s wires were made of embroidery string attached to velcro strips.  They turned out perfect!




The legs proved challenging.  Leon ended up making little velcro garters that held the thigh pieces into place.  For the knees he used water bottles and for the details he had various widths of weather-stripping.


There were LOTS and LOTS of fittings. (I think the green suit may have made Milo a doubter)


Soon enough it was primed and painted a beautiful gold.


Suddenly the fittings got more exciting!IMG_3783


The shoes and the gloves were the last pieces to fall in place.


I can’t tell you how many hours Leon put into this, but it was pretty much non-stop all of his free time for a couple of weeks.  In the end Milo was thrilled and the hit of the holiday!


Here are a few more photos of this Droid in the making!

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