Pink Meets The Dark Side

IMG_3897Eloise and my costumes were easy.  Take something Star Wars and throw a lot of pink at it. Here is how we did it.

I thought the idea of a girl wookie would be fun.  To start we ordered the mask. The chewbacca mask looks like this.


shoppingYikes!  That is NOT attractive.  I added pink hair extensions, a pretty pink bow, 2 sets of eyelashes each eye, pink long gloves, and painted the lips red.  It was a start.


My amazing assistant Holly found the dress online.  We ordered it and some furry leg warmers on amazon.  Thanks to Kohls we found these corduroy leggings



I already had the boots.  I was set!

Eloise’s costume was just as easy.  We ordered the super deluxe regular Darth Vader costume, that came with the voice box thing and the belt that light up.  Leon taped off the eyes and key components of the mask and spray painted it a beautiful sparkle pink.



We ordered a dress off Etsy, that we realized was a scam 2 days before Halloween.  Thanks to a Legs Avenue Tutu from the costume shop down the block and some capilene we saved the day. (what is border-line obscene on an adult, is perfect knee-length for a 6-year-old)


The boots were also a key to her transformation.  They are from Chasing Fireflies and were the first item I bought for this costume.


Pretty awesome inspiration piece! And of course, the pink light saber was a huge find by Leon.


It was fun to take a girly approach to these masculine characters.

Tomorrow I will share with you what it takes to make a droid costume.  I think making an actual droid might have been easier!


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