IMG_3802[3]Last week I had the opportunity to attend an art show.  I even got to have my picture with one of featured artists!

Milo had his Pre-K art show at school last week.  It was so exciting to see his work.

I am lucky to live in a house with 3 amazing artists (more on that next week) Traditionally our sweet Milo has shown his creative style with his theatrical interests. Sometimes he is Icabod Crane, or Jack Skellington, or Fix it Felix.

He wowed the crowd at last year’s dance recital. Which was quite a feat as he didn’t do a single, nope not one, dance step.  Yet, we had people 6 months later telling us he was a hit.  (We have moved his after school activity to piano and theater rather than dance)

While brushes and paints aren’t his preferred medium, he wowed Leon with this gem.


It will likely be framed and hung at Dr. Kelly’s office.  I mean really. It is pretty perfect for a forensic pathologist.

My personal favorite?  “Ham”


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  1. Maya Pattison
    November 2nd, 2015 at 08:32 | #1

    Bravo Milo!!! Great works of art!

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