Wine Not?

12106695_10153397275513884_5550899371706202965_nThe logistics of Brooke and her family’s move has been epic. Lots of moving parts and people.  On Saturday Sue and her life long friend Ann braved an airplane with 2 kids, one of them who had spent the night puking every hour like clock work.

Yep.  It was that kind of move.

To celebrate Brooke’s arrival and Sue and Ann’s visit we did a wine tasting at GGC with Geri and Kathy (because they can always be found on campus enjoying an event!)

We had a lovely time together and are planning a March wine festival extravaganza. (at least I am!)

  1. Teresa Kelly
    October 15th, 2015 at 07:32 | #1

    Oh wow!!! I’d not heard the puking story … Did she get sick on the plane??? What a nightmare!! Poor lil girl .. Sounds like she’s just havin a tough time. The pic of you all at the wine tasting was sooo good! Geri n Kathy are so amazing!! Wish I knew them better .
    I noticed your hair is longer… I’ve grown mine out too!!! I’m enjoying it . When will your insane schedule level out? I bet you’re always exhausted. Make sure you’re getting enough Vit D… Just found out I’m low n I’ve been taking 2000 IU for over a year. Well have fun w your additional Kelly clan!?

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