Is that a Construction Project??

IMG_3987This is not what it looks like! Ok, it is exactly what it looks like, a construction project. Leon and I agreed we weren’t doing any home improvement projects in 2015.  And by “we” I mean Leon and the ant in his pocket.  Wait, ant, what?  That isn’t the saying right?

Well it is our saying. This project is completely the fault of antpocalypse 2015.  Let me start at the beginning.

Milo hates bugs.  All bugs.  The dude especially hates ants.  We were having a little ant issue outside and we had the bug guy come.  (I know, I felt bad killing ants outside, but eventually they want to come inside)  The treatment was an improvement but we still had way too many ants in the yard.

One afternoon during a monsoon rain storm Milo yells, “MOM! MOM! there are ants EVERYWHERE!”  Typically this means there are 2-3 ants on the ground. He continues in dramatic fashion, “They are falling from the ceiling!!”  At this point I know he is exaggerating, ants can’t fall from the ceiling.  That doesn’t even make sense. I enter the foyer.

I starting yelling, “LEON! LEON! There are ants EVERYWHERE!!  They are falling from the ceiling!!”  They were literally falling from the skylights.  Why there were ants in the skylights I had no idea.

Leon proceeded to bug spray the crap out of the foyer and vacuum up I can’t even tell you how many ants as they fell from the ceiling. It gives me the creeps just thinking about it.

The bug guy came back right away and got on the roof.  Turns out there was a massive ant nest in the roof.  YUCK! but more remarkable as he was killing and vacuuming up ants he lifted our skylight right out.  YEP.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, was holding it in.

The ants were escaping the rain by coming in.  Makes sense.  Gross but makes sense.  After he sprayed them, we had to vacuum the foyer daily because it was full of dead ants- FOR WEEKS.

Look these skylights were ancient.  They weren’t even “sky” lights any more, they were more vague smeary gross natural lights.  We knew that, but they weren’t a priority, until they were.  So they are.  And you know us, while we are at it,  we might as well do the 4 in the playroom.  They are just as bad.

We are officially under construction, and secretly… I LOVE IT.





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  1. Julie
    June 30th, 2015 at 11:10 | #1

    This is no exaggeration by any means! And Milo was the monitor of falling ants; two ants could not hit the floor without the vacuum being engaged. “Grams the ants are falling, the ants are falling! Run the vacuum, run the vacuum!” It does sound a bit similar to Henny Penny in the Sky is falling, but really Ants were falling by the minute! Crazy I know……. but a very good excuse for the Kelly family not to go too terribly long without new (de)Construction! And the new skylites, state of the art, and we can see the sky! LOL

  2. Teresa Kelly
    July 1st, 2015 at 18:53 | #2

    Only you kiddos would have falling ants!!! Well way to take care of that lil man and get new sky lites!! I bet they look awesome!!!!

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